An Energy Production Manufacturing Leader

WT PETROTECH USA, INC has been the industry leader for over 35 years, providing premier design, engineering, and manufacturing of Integrated Control and Safety Systems for worldwide offshore and onshore installations. WT Petrotech leads the industry with original designs, such as the modular construction of multi-well Wellhead Control Systems, decreasing downtime for maintenance, and many other unique and innovative techniques to meet special requirements. Our experience in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical controls is put in every system we provide for all industries – including oilfield, marine, and industrial. WT Petrotech understands that your system is unique and requires in-depth knowledge of the processes to ensure reliability, design function, and ease of use. Our proven worldwide experience has allowed us to design and build to all international standards and codes and for the harshest of environments around the world.

Advanced 3D Design capabilities

WT PETROTECH USA, INC has invested in the state of the art in Auto CAD Design. All systems layouts are designed using 3D drawings. This allows for more accuracy in design and utilization of space. This can be incorporated into the layout design of the platform. The 3D drawing can be manipulated and turned to show every possible angle. This allows for better design and quicker layout coordination with the field.


For servicing and maintenance, WT Petrotech can use the 3D system to show how to repair and replace equipment using exact dimensions. It will show the exact procedure to make any repair or replacement. This can be uploaded from our website to any computer or emailed to the field. The instructions can be written in any language.

Wt Petrotech USA, INC Specializes in integrated control and safety systems

  • Wellhead Control systems and solutions
  • Hydraulic power units – HPU and subsea controls
  • Automation controls and safety plc
  • Chemical injection systems – cis
  • Safety pilots

Superior Customer Support

WT PETROTECH USA, INC provides support from Concept to Design to Engineering to Manufacturing to Start-up. Our experienced staff will work with you on any phase of the project and work to ensure 100% satisfaction – meeting your exact requirements.

Health, Safety , Environment & ISO Quality

WT PETROTECH USA, INC is committed to building a highly technically oriented work place environment through the continued education of our associates. We understand the importance of the type of equipment we provide and how it can adversely affect the environment, company assets, and most importantly – personnel, if it is not designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. WT Petrotech management is committed to developing safe work methods, ensuring a safe working environment, promoting good relationships with our host communities in which we work, and preservation of our environment.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

WT Petrotech USA INC.
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