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In 1975 Saayah Mohamed Moosa Al Qubaisi established BIN MOOSA GROUP with objects extending to include investment, management and representation and trading. In addition to these objects the company is participating in laying the policies of its associates without interfering into their day to day business activities.


It is clear from the stated objects of the company that the owner set the corner stone for a diversification policy since the start of his trading activities.


In order to achieve such a policy an innovative attitude and a creative approach was adopted. The efforts of the owner in addition to the hard work of the highly qualified professionals and their support staff led to the success of the company, its subsidiaries and associate companies in the different sectors from trading manufacturing, technology, industries, health care, travel & tourism to contracting and real estate.




The company’s bright image and clean record, the sophistication in management served not only its financial success but also the development of a good reliable strategic preferred partner to many regional and global organizations.So the role of the company, its subsidiaries and associates is apparent and clearly felt in the different fields of its operations.The financial stability coupled with the technical know how raised the company up to the curve of the leading organizations in U.A.E. and the GCC countries.




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