Speedy is a leading service provider offering equipment for both hire and sale, and associated services to construction, infrastructure, industrial and related industries. We provide these services to our customers who operate both in the UK and overseas.


Founded in 1977, we are the UK’s largest provider of hire equipment and have grown to be a £350 million turnover organisation with over 100,000 customers, 4,000 employees and a national network of over 350 depots.


Corporate Strategy
Over the longer term our strategy is to position Speedy as an international service provider. This will be achieved by building upon the trusted relationships established over 33 years serving construction and industry.Our clients hire to mitigate the risks that they associate with the financial liability, operational management and compliance risk of ownership. They choose Speedy because we have the fleet quality, the operational network and the product range, together with a commitment to health & safety, sustainability and quality that best supports their objectives. However, in isolation hiring does not remove all risk. If hired equipment is given to someone inadequately trained in its use they could break it, fail in their task or cause injury to themselves or others; effectively exchanging one risk for another.


Speedy has instigated the offer of training and consultancy services to complement the use of the hired asset. We will also use our purchasing power to provide clients with consumable products, e.g. drill bits, saw blades and personal protection equipment or safety wear, to operate equipment safely, each of which is integral to the use of an asset but which are typically ordered separately, incurring additional cost and disruption to our client.


Speedy long-term strategy
Continue to build solid relationships to increase our circa 10 percent market share in the UK hire market.


Work closely with key clients and identify ways in which we can support them in their activities overseas, on a ‘follow the customer’ principle.


Provide a comprehensive range of consumable items and personal protective equipment for sale as well as advising customers on hire,lease or purchase of their core equipment.


Extend our core business offering with consultancy, assurance and training services, providing and enhanced portfolio of solutions.


This more integrated solution will also be enhanced with the provision of test and inspection services to provide for the planned service and maintenance needs of both owned and hired equipment. Our goal is a full service based offering built around the provision of the hired asset and delivered by leveraging the strength of the Speedy brand whilst at the same time extending the size of the market in which Speedy operates. This more integrated offering clearly differentiates Speedy from its peers.

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